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  • A Geological Guide to the Fossil Grove, Glasgow

    A new geological excursion guide to the Fossil Grove has been produced by David Webster and Iain Allison of the Geological Soceity of Glasgow. As well as describing the fossil trees in the building it includes several very interesting localities in the quarry area which is accessible even when the fossil house is closed. In […]

  • The Full Bhoona

    Ringwood  publishing is delighted to announce the publication of “The Full Bhoona” – subtitled ‘History, Recipes, Memories from the Koh-I-Noor’ . It has been written by Amy Glasgow with a Foreword by Waseem Tahir. The Full Bhoona is the story of Glasgow’s oldest Indian Restaurant, The Koh-I-Noor; the Tahir family who founded and run it; […]

  • A Gordon for Me, by Brian Robertson

    An honest and brave account of National Service in the 1950s. Brian Robertson spares no detail in his story, from simple farmer’s son to a Gordon Highlander. A Gordon For Me is an entertaining and compelling story of one man’s experiences of the Armed Forces, and the true nature of international conflict. 60 years ago, […]

  • Millennial Munros – A Postman’s Round by Charlie Campbell

    “The inspiring tale of a how a postman delivered all 284 Munros in 49 action-packed days.” Millennial Munros is the inspirational story of an ordinary bloke doing an ordinary job, who did something extra-ordinary. With the help of his mum and some mates, he got motivated, got fit and completed an unprecedented endurance event, in breaking […]

  • Jinx Dogs Burns Now Flu by Alex Gordon

    Alex Gordon, after almost half-a-century in the Scottish newspaper industry as a Sports Sub-Editor and Editor, spills the beans in a frank and candid manner. Much is revealed within the pages of this book that was previously kept out of the public domain. And you’ll see why! Jinx Dogs Burns Now Flu is a rollicking, often […]

  • Ronnie (A Dog Owner’s Guide to Fulfilment) by Susan Campbell

    When Susan and Colin Campbell settled down to married life without children, they instinctively felt it was the right time for them to adopt a dog. Ronnie, a big-hearted lurcher-cross, bounced into their lives and transformed them in unimagined ways; healing past wounds, introducing them to new friends, and pointing them in the direction of […]

  • Memoirs of a Feminist Mother, by Carol Fox

    Carol Fox is a lawyer, best known in Scotland for successfully fighting mass equal pay cases for low paid women and for playing an active part in the Referendum Campaign. As a committed feminist, Carol Fox has achieved success for very many women, but her greatest battle was very personal. Following serious fertility problems, Carol […]

  • A Guide to the Geology of Islay, by David Webster

    This guide describes 12 varied excursions on Islay that tell the fascinating story of Islay’s geological past from 2 billion-year old gneiss to the Ice Age. The geology of each walk is described at an introductory level with maps and photographs and the book also contains an introduction to geology section. For those with some […]

  • Celtic Submari, by Sandy Jamieson

    Celtic Submari will appeal to all those interested in the power of goodness, decency, integrity and friendship to make a positive difference in a complex world through football. Rivals for 90 minutes, Friends for Always The book explains how an invasion of Vila-real by 10,000 Celtic supporters in 2004 created a set of circumstances that […]

  • Yellow Submarine, by Sandy Jamieson

    “Yellow Submarine” is essential reading for all football fans who believe that integrity, and community can and should matter even at the highest levels in modern football. It is exceptional value, offering Two Stories for the Price of One Book 1: The Miracle of Villarreal CF The explanation of how a wee club from a […]