The time has finally come! The cogs of the printing presses are turning once again, hard at work. A lucky few can still grab themselves an early edition signed copy of Anne Pettigrew’s eagerly awaited novel Not The Deaths Imagined right here, right now.

NTDI is a noir thriller that follows Beth, who readers will remember from Not The Life imagined, working in Glasgow’s medical scene as she becomes entangled in a web of suspicious murders. Fans of Anne’s debut NTLI will not be disappointed in this sequel, which spins its tale of mystery and mayhem so thick that you, too, will be caught in it. Those who haven’t read the first book can still enjoy NTDI, as the story itself still shines when standing alone.  

We live in a time when the NHS has never been more crucial, nor more fragile, than now. Anne herself, being a retired GP, understands this better than most. Her expertise lends itself beautifully to this kind of storytelling, whilst reminding us all of the heroes who walk amongst us every day. Their hard work and dedication can’t be understated, whether solving crimes like Beth or saving lives as always.

Make your imagination a reality by grabbing yourself a special, signed edition whilst you still can.