Not The Life Imagined available for immediate purchase

Cover of Not the Life Imagined
Not the Life Imagined the wonderful, warm, witty novel by Anne Pettigrew about the struggles faced by a group of young women in the NHS from the 1960s as they study, graduate and make careers in the face of systemic disadvantage from a male dominated profession is now available for immediate purchase from the Ringwood website.

All copies bought will be signed by the author. Anyone buying the book between now and 13th December will have the choice of the book being posted to them first class or having it presented to them in person by the author at the Ringwood Christmas Present Book Sale in the Iron Horse(upstairs Lounge) West Nile Street, Glasgow from 7pm on the 13th December.

Fuller details of this excellent novel are available on the Fiction page of this website.

As well as a good thought-provoking read the book will make an excellent Christmas present for anyone interested in the role of women in one of the key sectors of society, the NHS.

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