NTLI & Plan International UK

In the lead up to the official launch of ‘Not the Life Imagined’, we want to shine some light on the outstanding philanthropic organisation that takes universal action for children’s rights and female equality, ‘Plan International UK’. Anne’s novel brings our attention to the prejudice and discrimination women in medicine experienced in the 60s, an issue close to her heart as a female Doctor herself, and her novel will further advance the progression of gender equality by donating a portion of its proceeds to this outstanding charity!

The charity has achieved a variety of amazing outcomes, such as setting up the sponsorship of over 85,700 children across 49 countries and having their work reach 8 million people worldwide across 2017-18. This work allows young people to prosper on a daily basis, and you could help simply by reading – something we all love! Buying Anne Pettigrew’s debut novel will benefit you by giving you a fantastic reading experience, as well as help to provide ‘Plan International UK’ with the funding necessary to improve young lives internationally.

The official launch of ‘Not the Life Imagined’ is tomorrow, 7pm at Curlers Rest – we’ll see you there!

Happy reading!


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