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  • Special Offer: Between Two Bridges & Torn Edges for £3.50

    Between Two Bridges and Torn Edges for the special price of £3.50! Torn Edges:A riveting mystery story linking modern day Glasgow with 1920’s Ireland. When a gold coin very similar to a family heirloom is found at the scene of a Glasgow murder, a search is begun that takes the McKenna family, assisted by their librarian …

  • Celtic Submari & Yellow Submarine

    Order both football books, Celtic Submari and Yellow Submarine together for the special price of £3.50! Celtic supporters everywhere can take pride in the story of how their example of camaraderie and good behaviour in 2004 inspired the formation of the Villarreal Celtic Submari. The Submari has proved to be an extraordinary example of the …

  • Special Offer: All Three Charlie Brock Books

    Get all three Charlie Brock books, Who Shot Wild Bill?, What Spooked Crazy Horse? and Who Stole Sitting Bull? by Alex Gordon for a special price of £5!  

  • Paradise Road and Scotball: Both books for £3.50

    Paradise Road is the story of Kevin McGarry, a young man from the west of Scotland, who as a youngster was one of the most talented footballers of his generation. Through a combination of injury and disillusionment, Kevin is forced to abandon any thoughts of playing the game he loves, professionally. Instead he settles for …

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