Calling Cards and Cold Roses – both for £7.50

Calling Cards and Cold Roses - both for £7.50

Get both these novels for £7.50

  Calling Cards is a fresh and exciting addition to the ranks of Tartan Noir. It is an novel exploration of the impact of stress and trauma on individuals, encompassing their resort to addiction, recovery, and denial. It highlights the influence of the equally corrupting desires for success or revenge. Linking the small Scottish worlds of journalism and politics, it has been favourably compared to State of Play in its creation of an intricate network of linked strands, as it builds to a compelling climax that leaves many people changed forever.

An anonymous email leads West End Journalist Frank Gallen on a quest to unravel the links between a campaign against a housing development proposal in Kelvingrove Park; personal and political corruption at the highest level in Glasgow City Council; and the increasingly frenzied activities of a Glasgow serial killer.
Gallen and DI Adam Ralston engage in a desperate chase to identify the serial killer from the clues he is sending them, in time to stop him from implementing the climax of his campaign of killing.

Cold Roses

DI Adam Ralston is no stranger to the dark side of human nature, but when a young art gallery worker is discovered in her South Side flat, brutally raped, her throat slit, and a single red rose laid upon her corpse, he is thrown into a bloody maelstrom of violence and suspicion unlike anything he has known before.

Haunted by the death of a prison officer on a previous case, Ralston must also battle his own personal demons and hold his family together as tries to track down the killer – a killer who leaves no clues, who grows bolder with each killing, and who seems to be able to strike at will.

Time is running out. And the body count is rising.

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