We would like to thank everyone who forfeited the sunshine and attended our Cover Design workshop last Sunday!

A captivated audience listens to Marie-Claire as she opens the event.

Our workshop was chaired by Ringwood Board Member and head of our Cover Designing Committee, Marie-Claire Jones, and we had so much fun listening to our in-house cover designer, Skye Galloway, share her experience with us! Attendees also asked Skye some questions about her design process, and her favourite creations.

Skye (left) discusses her design processes, and her career steps that lead her to Ringwood Publishing. She answers questions from the audience, and Marie-Claire (right).

After our Q&A session was finished, Marie-Claire revealed the results of our ‘Top Five Ringwood Covers’ poll, where The Carnelian Tree, The Activist, The Hotel Hokusai, Moot, and Millennial Munros: A Postman’s Round were voted the best Ringwood cover designs.

Ringwood’s top five cover designs as voted by our readers.

If you attended our event on Sunday, you’ll know that The Hotel Hokusai was named ‘Ringwood Cover of the Decade’! Ringwood would like to congratulate designer Skye on her amazing achievement.

And the Ringwood cover of the decade is…The Hotel Hokusai, written by T. Y. Garner, and designed by Ringwood’s in-house cover designer, Skye Galloway.

Our attendees then participated in a design exercise for one of our forthcoming titles, The Unmaking of Eddie Muir, using their creativity to build on Skye’s early cover drafts. We had three winners who received some special prizes for their fantastic designs!

Marie-Claire delivers the brief for the design workshop.
Our three winners of the design workshop pose for the camera before receiving their prizes.

Thanks to Hillhead Library for continuing to provide a great venue for Ringwood events. And of course, thanks to Skye, Marie-Claire and the rest of the Ringwood team who worked so hard to put this event together!

Our wonderful team at Ringwood who once again worked together to put on a successful event.

We hope to see you at our next event – the launch of Moot by Rob McInroy this Sunday 26th of June at 4pm in Strathearn Arts, Crieff! For more information, click here.