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Every one says a dog is a man’s or woman’s best friend but a couple of books I have read recently have shown me how true that is.

Recently on Woman’s Hour Lauren Fern Watt, an American author discussed her dog and how when Gizelle a very large bull mastiff was diagnosed with bone cancer she created a bucket list for them to tick off ranging from watching people in Times Square to a walk on the beach. Gizelle was only 6. This is a brave book showing that even though dogs can have shorter life spans the time you are able to spend with them can be rewarding and enriching.

Ronnie front cover A5__lores

Like Gizelle was for Lauren, Ronnie, a lurcher cross, was a life changing experience for Susan and Colin Campbell when he came into their lives. His presence led to them changing their lifestyle and even their jobs and helped them deal with problems and loss in their lives.

Ronnie thankfully is healthy and full of fun and readers are waiting and hoping for a follow up book soon providing an update on Ronnie ‘s life and the lives of his doggy and human friends. Buy Ronnie here

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