If you’ve been excitedly awaiting Rob McInroy’s new novel, Barossa Street, the much-anticipated sequel to Cuddies Strip, then good news, it is now available for prepublication purchase!

Not only that, but we are also offering a guaranteed signed First Edition copy of Barossa Street prior to the launch on 11th May 2022! Be sure not to miss out. The Launch event on Zoom Webinar from 7pm well be even more meaningful for you if you are able to read the book before it, so pre-order your copy now! Pre-order here.

This thrilling who-done-it follows Robert Kelty as he is once again thrown into the forefront of a gruesome murder. With a deep desire to clear his old friend’s name, fighting against his need for a simpler life, follow Kelty as he tries to navigate the prejudice of 1930s society and find the justice that his friend deserves. As more pieces fall into place and Kelty is able to capitalise on idle gossip, the truth is just within his grasp, but it isn’t what he expected…

Set on the backdrop of the abdication of King Edward VIII and the growing rumblings of war, Barossa Street delves deep into the mystery of an impossible murder, uncovering dangerous secrets, and bringing to light views that were muttered throughout the nation through the turmoil of the 1930s.