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When the shy and mild-mannered Graham meets the confident Angie at university, he is instantly besotted. The two soon embark on an all-compassing love affair, later marrying and settling down together. They promise to travel the world together, devote their lives to one another, grow old alongside each other.

But Angie has a past unknown to Graham – one which threatens to shatter the loving family they have created together. When their marriage eventually crumbles, and Angie succumbs to the trauma of her former life, Graham is left to try and rebuild a life without her.

An intimate and heart-breaking story, told from the perspective of both partners, Embers delves into the complexities of modern relationships, and confronts the question – does the love that burns the brightest, eventually risk destroying those who it consumes?

Title: Embers
Author: Stephanie McDonald
ISBN: 978-1-901514-99-5
Format: Paperback


“I’m dreaming. I must be. I had a few drinks too many last night, and I’m having a funky dream…I pinch myself on the arm to try and speed the process along, but nothing happens. Without thinking too much about it I aim a punch at the wall, and the resulting pain that reverberates through my hand feels all too real. Am I dreaming?”

Natalie Byron had a happy life in Glasgow. She had a steady job, supportive friends and a loving family. Or at least, she thought she did. The morning after a date, Natalie wakes up inside a strange house, in a strange bed, sleeping next to a man named Jamie who claims he is her boyfriend. Outside the window are rugged cliffs surrounded by endless sea. 

All her things are here. The clothes in the drawer are hers and so are the bottles of shampoo in the bathroom. But this isn’t her life and Jamie certainly isn’t her boyfriend. Fearing she’s been kidnapped, Natalie flees, but not one person on the island will help her. When everyone around her insists that her life in Glasgow is nothing but a delusion, Natalie begins to doubt her own sanity. 

But there is one thing Natalie is sure of. She needs to get off this island. 

Inference is Stephanie McDonald’s second novel.

Title: Inference
Author: Stephanie McDonald
ISBN: 978-1-901514-68-1
Format: Paperback

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