Alex Gordon has been at the forefront of Scottish sports journalism for over 50 years. Primarily as Chief Sports Sub Editor with the Daily Record, Sports Editor with the Sunday Mail and Managing Director at 7 Day Press Scotland’s leading freelance sports agency. He still works freelance. He lived and worked through the glory days of Scottish Journalism where the main Scottish
papers had incredibly talented and dedicated staff, and a mass circulation to maintain. Alex was prominently involved in or around every major sports story of the last 50 years, and throughout the glorious era of Scottish football when no less than three Scottish clubs won European Club Competitions and several others came close. Also when Scotland, almost incredibly now, qualified for 5 consecutive World Cup Finals

It is a commentary on the widespread respect for his professional and personal integrity that through his sustained involvement over those 50 plus years, Alex developed close personal as well as professional relationships of trust with many of the top protagonists, leading to many requests to tell their stories including full autobiographies.

In 2015 Alex Gordon drew on this background to produce Jinx Dogs Burns Now Flu, an account of highlights from those 50 years widely described as both hilarious and informative. In this book he shed new light on some classic stories, and a first light on many that for various reasons had never been told in public before. Since the publication of Jinx Dogs Burns Now Flu Alex has been under pressure to spill more, and fortunately has finally succumbed to that pressure and written A Raccoon Stole My Thunder, to be published by Ringwood Publishing in November 2021.

This new novel has followed the same structure as Jinx Dogs Burns Now Flu with new light on old stories and a first light on more tales that were never previously told. But A Raccoon Stole My Thunder adds an important new dimension. Based on his close personal as well as professional friendships with so many of the legends of the last 50 years, some now alas dead, with others beginning to show the ravages of time, Alex Gordon has written a series of personal homages to these legends, from the Funeral Eulogy that Tommy Gemmell insisted Alex should be the one to deliver, to touching tributes to other absolute legends of the past 50 years.

A Raccoon Stole My Thunder will move readers as well as entertain, amuse and inform them.


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Title: A Raccoon Stole My Thunder
Author: Alex Gordon
Format: Paperback/eBook
Price: £9.99/£5.99
ISBN: 978-1901514-54-4