After the praised and CWA Dagger Award longlisted novel Cuddies Strip, McInroy is back with its sequel, Barossa Street.

Barossa Street follows Cuddies Strip protagonist, Bob Kelty, as he winds up in the throes of another gruesome murder case. Increasingly disenfranchised after the events within Cuddies Strip, Bob resigns from the Force. That is until he runs into an old friend with an urgent request. Kelty’s conscience and desire to seek justice gets the better of him. Along with his girlfriend Annie, he takes on the task of tracking down the real killer, and clearing the name of his old friend.

Set in Perth, Barossa Street offers not only a look at the mishandling of justice in the face of 1930’s prejudice, but also serves as a commentary of the British public’s response to the government’s shortcomings. Set with the backdrop of King Edward VIII’s abdication and the threat of war, Barossa Street intertwines a critique of the times with a thrilling murder mystery.

Have the police really got the wrong man? Or does Bob’s old friend have some skeletons in his closet?


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ISBN 9781901514414