Between Two Bridges is Brian McHugh’s second novel and is a sequel to Torn Edges, published by Ringwood in 2012. Like its predecessor, Between Two Bridges moves between two worlds.

New York, 1933

Prohibition is coming to an end, but not everyone is celebrating. A few astute businessmen realise that by legally importing liquor before the Volstead Act is repealed, they can net themselves a small fortune. Charlie McKenna, an Irishman who spent time in Glasgow during the Great War, is sent to complete the deal with Denholm Distillers in their St Enoch Square office.

Glasgow, Present Day

Still reeling from the murder of their friend, three old friends are once again knocked off-course by the resurfacing of a battered diary. It soon leads them back into their investigation of Julie’s grandfather, Charlie McKenna. More troubling tales of war, gold and gangsters soon begin to surface.

Between Two Bridges is a fast-paced adventure with a well-researched historical setting.

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Title: Between Two Bridges
Author: Brian McHugh
ISBN: 978-1-901514-35-3
Format: Paperback
Price: £4.99
Publication: June 2016


About the author: 

Brian McHugh is a Glasgow based author. As well as Torn Edges (published by Ringwood), Brian has written several  short stories and articles for The Guardian and Private Eye. Among several short films Brian has produced, his story of the Gorbals and Buddy Holly was first broadcast by the BBC in 2010.