Good news for all Charles P. Sharkey fans, and all lovers of a good story well-told.

After producing three divergent but excellent books for Ringwood over the past few years, Dark Loch, The Volunteer, and Memoirs of Franz Schreiber, Charlies has now written Clutching at Straws.

Charlie has been a well-known criminal lawyer in Glasgow for the past 25 years, and has finally succumbed to urgings from his publisher to write about what he knows best, producing Clutching at Straws, a tale of crime and the criminal justice system set in Glasgow. Set on the gritty streets of Glasgow in the depths of winter, Inspector Frank Dorsey and his partner DC George Mitchell are called to investigate a dead body they believe to be linked to the Moffats, one of the most notorious crime families in Glasgow. However, as they begin to delve further into the case, it becomes apparent that they have a complex web of connected mysteries and murders to make sense of, involving old and new figures of Glasgow’s criminal underworld. Furthermore, it appears some of the victims had been sent a cryptic anonymous text message days before their death that warns of divine punishment for the criminals of the city.

How does the message relate to the murders, and how are the Moffats involved?  Will Inspector Dorsey be able to crack it before more bodies turn up, or will he be left clutching at straws?

With twists and turns around every corner, experience this heart-pumping tale of Glaswegian gangs and policing by one of Scotland’s most exciting writers.

“Absolutely gripping and totally authentic, reflecting harsh reality well. I was hooked from the start.”

– Simon McLean, ex-undercover cop and author of The Ten Percent.

“A captivating story full of intriguing twists and turns, by an author who clearly knows the Glaswegian crime scene extremely well – a must-read.”

– Rob McInroy, author of Cuddies Strip.

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Dark Loch is a story of the impact on a Scots crofting community of the First World War.

The Volunteer is an examination of ‘the troubles’ in Northern Ireland.

Memoirs of Franz Schreiber is about life in Berlin in the inter-war years.

(all three still available for purchase, as a paperback from this website, or as an e-book from this website, or the Kindle store),


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ISBN: 9781901514728