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Raise Dragon

In the year of 1306, Scotland is in turmoil.

Robert the Bruce and the fighting Bishop Wishart’s plans for rebellion put the Scottish kingdom at risk, whilst the hostile kingdom of England seems more invincible than ever.

But Bishop Wishart has got a final card left to play: four brave Scottish knights set off in search of a mysterious ancient treasure that will bring Scotland to the centre of an international plot, changing both the kingdoms of Europe and the course of history once and for all.

In the first of eight novels, L.A. Kristiansen skilfully narrates an epic past filled with historical figures as you’ve never seen them before. Only History can reveal the fate of those whom the Dragon banner was Raised against.
Title: Raise Dragon
Author: L.A. Kristiansen
Format: Paperback
Price: £9.99
ISBN: 978-1-901514-76-6

Front Cover of Revenge of the Tyrants
Revenge of the Tyrants

Scotland, 1306. While the King of Scots wages a desperate, bloody war for Scotland’s independence, four intrepid Scottish knights flee from cunning Templar Knight Geoffrey De Charney’s labyrinth on a treasure barge. What follows is a journey directly to the heart of the conflict, and a vivid depiction of the scheming, treachery and violence it entailed. Meanwhile, Kings Edward the first of England, Philip the fourth of France, and Haakon the fifth of Norway each plot to destabilise each other and become the dominant force in Europe. They each have their own reasons to thwart the Scots, and each will stop at nothing to gain their victory.

The fight for the nation’s soul has begun, and nothing will ever be the same.

The second in a planned series of eight novels on the Scottish Wars of Independence, L.A. Kristiansen’s Revenge of the Tyrants features some of its most famous (and infamous) participants in a brutal struggle for freedom, power, and revenge.

Title: Revenge of the Tyrants

Author: L.A. Kristiansen

Format: Paperback

Pre-order price: £9.99

Regular price: £12.99

ISBN: 978-1-901514-76-6

About the author

Born and bred in Glasgow, author L.A. Kristiansen discovered a passion for Scottish History through her enthusiasm for genealogy. In her research, she uncovered close family ties with many of the leaders of the wars of Scottish Independence – the likes of Bishop Wishart, Robert the Bruce, and the fearsome William Wallace are, in fact, woven into her own ancestral tapestry.

During further research and exploration, she discovered how their bravery and courage played a significant part in influencing the events of the 13th and 14th century, and she decided to write about them, interlacing fact and fiction in the lead up to the acknowledgement of Scotland’s sovereignty in 1328, and Bruce’s death in 1329.

She is a writer, and dabbles in IT whilst spending her time in Scotland, France, and Norway, researching the new adventures of the characters first found in this book.

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