On the 23rd of March, the United Kingdom was faced with an unprecedented challenge:
lockdown. No pubs, no concerts, no house parties. But fear not – Gerda Gordon found a way
to keep the levity and laughs coming. Beginning as a daily Facebook post to a rapidly
growing audience, Gerda documented the hilarious antics of her husband and a small village
of zany neighbors during Lockdown. Ringwood Publishing has collected all the hilarity into a
single book – perfect to read, one story at a time, each time you visit the loo. Or the
thunderbox, as Gerda’s husband would say.

Lockdown Laughs features a hilarious cast of characters: the dweeb, as Gerda’s husband is
affectionately referred to, has a penchant for fancy dress and terrorizing the village with his
daily shenanigans. Mrs Bottomley-Smythe, owner of a local tea room, has vowed retaliation
against the dweeb and bombards him with stale cakes and rotten fruit each time he steps
outdoors. And Mrs. Wilbeforce really just needs to pull her massive purple bloomers up from
around her ankles.

Like all great comedians, Gerda has given us a reason to laugh during bleak times. With each
visit to the loo, and each new story, you can be assured someone had it worse than you during
Lockdown. After all, how many of us can say we got stuck overnight in the refuse bin, or
were chased out of town by a pack of bloodthirsty grannies? Hold onto your bowler hat and
leopard print thong: it only get’s crazier from here. Sympathise with the desperate wife
driven to Prosecco overdoses and cartoon violence by the dopey daftness of her beloved
dweeb. And sympathise equally with the devoted dweeb as all his attempts to please his ‘little
cup cake’ turn hilariously and painfully wrong.

“Given all the serious aspects of Lockdown life, it is great to be provided with this steady stream of belly-laughs and giggles about the ludicrous aspects of it.”

– Simon McLean, author.


Lockdown life has been hard on most people, both mentally and physically. While not
minimising the seriousness of the coronavirus situation, Lockdown Laughs The Bathroom
Book seeks to offer a temporary escape and comical relief through hilarious lockdown
stories. These detail the day to day struggles of Gerda and her beloved dweeb Alex, as they
strive to maintain an increasingly tenuous hold on their sanity under the ever-increasing
pressures of life under lockdown restrictions. With cartoon violence worthy of Tom and
Jerry, and earth shattering events on a daily basis rivalling the Simpsons, Gerda and the
dweeb life live with lockdown, day by day, with every day the exactly the same and every
day hilariously different.

This book is NOT meant to be read in serious doses, but rather should be dipped into for
light relief when restrictions seem overwhelming. Lockdown Laughs unfailingly offers a
laughter antidote across the whole range from bellylaughs, through giggles and sniggers, to
grins and smiles.

Ringwood and the author, Gerda Gordon, have agreed that all the profits from this book will
go to four charities: Alzheimer’s Society, Cancer Research, Children in Need and the Cystic Fibrosis Trust.

Lockdown Laughs is the ideal gift this holiday season, far more satisfactory to receive than
socks or hankies, lasting far longer than chocolates or other treats; perfect for the someone who loves a laugh. Now, there’ll be no cause for concern when you hear giggling coming
from the bathroom – it’s only Gerda, the dweeb, and their village of idiots. All proceeds will
be given to charity, so laugh away while you can rest assured you’re giving to a good cause.

“No trip to the toilet should be complete without a quick dip into Lockdown Laughs with its bellicose belly laughs, gratuitous giggles and sly sniggers offering a temporary antidote to the serious side of Lockdown restrictions and irritations.”

– Sandy Jamieson, author.


Lockdown Laughs will be formally launched on Zoom and Facebook Live at 7pm on
Monday 7th December as the final part of Bloody Ringwood 2020 Wave 2 (tickets can be
obtained free from Eventbrite via the Ringwood website). It will be a wild night with
adventures re-enacted and star guest appearances.

In the meantime you can guarantee yourself a personal first edition copy signed by Gerda
Gordon by purchasing the book NOW at the link below for the exceptional price of £7.99.
Copies bought here will be posted out first class as soon as the book is received from the
printers, certainly before the 7th December. Don’t just buy one copy for yourself, buy several
and solve many of your Christmas Present problems.


ISBN: 9781901514797