Carol Fox was a lawyer until 2015, best known in Scotland for successfully fighting mass equal pay cases for low paid women and for playing an active part in the Referendum Campaign.

As a committed feminist, Carol Fox achieved success for very many women, but her greatest battle was very personal. Following serious fertility problems, Carol made the positive decision to become a single parent by choice, to have a child while she still could. Refused access to fertility treatment in Scotland she had no choice but to move to London.

Through sheer determination and tenacity, Carol obtained treatment in England in the early 1990s and her daughter was born in 1992, following extensive fertility treatment and battles against judgemental attitudes which appear almost vindictive to us 25 years later. Her story has attracted media coverage, sparking debates on motherhood and the right to be a single parent in the UK.

This book is written as a memoir addressed to her only daughter, now nearly 23. The story will be of interest to a wider audience of women, young and old, mothers and non-mothers, as the chapters record the changing social attitudes towards single parents during the past 25 years.

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