Standing as a collection of stories set across a dystopian future, Saved from the Fire is an anthology for technology and our reliance on it as people. Told through different narrative threads connected by common experiences and events, this collection of tales takes the reader through the development of a future in which tech is both the saviour and the enemy.

Beginning with an account of a colonising expedition on the planet Mars, the reader is taken forward in time through a series of stories set from different perspectives, each detailing an aspect of life and survival, showing how society has advanced from the many recognisable aspects of our own present technology led world.

Saved from the Fire explores how knowledge as a commodity, and technology that has the ability to become aware of itself, can push society to the brink of both excellence and destruction.

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Title: Saved from the Fire
Author: Mark Gallacher
Format: eBook
Price: £3.99
ISBN code: 978-1-901514-94-0

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