Strange things have started to happen in the small town of Holy Cross. Black cats, sneaking suspicions and wine-powered ecstasy lay their grip on the clueless inhabitants and local news strongly suspects witches are behind it all.

Meanwhile, poor Rosie McLeod is simply trying to deal with day to day catastrophes including lapsang souchong tea, carpet slippers and the impending doom of old age. With the innocent brewing of some herbs the frontiers between innocence and guilt, logic and magic, start to shift and events come thick and fast.

Charles Gray’s debut novel is a highly entertaining trip to Scottish village life and what really happens beneath its apparent dullness. The pillars of every community – church, politics, and pub – take a pounding and events of mystical origin claim their sacrifices. But who is the offender? And what is the charge? The Herbal Detective is an outstanding story that stays gripping until the very end.

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Title: The Herbal Detective
Author: Charles Gray
ISBN: 978-1-901514-26-1
Format: Paperback
Price: £9.99