Ruxton: The First Modern Murder by Tom Wood was recently shortlisted for the Scottish Non Fiction Book of the Year – very rare for a true crime book! See the judges commentary below: “Fascinating and unforgettable, this book exposes a darkly sinister tale to the light, offering novel insights into not only the criminal case but how its investigation acted as a catalyst for the transformation of modern policing and forensics. Ruxton benefits from a rigorous and resourceful research process, without ever compromising on pace or readability. A decisive moment in criminal history is examined with intelligence, clarity and originality.” Val McDermid who wrote the Foreword describes the book as “A Fascinating story told with the clarity and urgency of a thriller. And it’s a damn good read”. This title is the perfect addition to Ringwood’s true crime offer!

Cuddies Strip by Rob McInroy is a fictionalised account of a real Scottish murder in 1935 Perth, a murder committed within weeks of the Ruxton one. Cathi Unsworth, a fine novelist herself, said of the book “I read this wonderful novel with a tear in my eye. I could hardly bear to read the ending but it was beautiful”

Ruxton and Cuddies Strip both deal with 1935 crimes with powerful contemporary resonances. Ruxton marks the birth of modern forensic science as a powerful factor in the investigation of crime, a topic that has remained of great interest ever since. Cuddies Strip addresses systemic misogyny in the criminal justice system and the police still service both topics of current concern.

The Lanarkshire Police Chronicles is George Barnsley’s debut non-fiction title that presents true stories involving crimes committed in and around Lanarkshire across the last 150 years. As if Barnley’s literary achievements were not enough since his retirement from policework, he has also offered expert advice to popular television productions such as In Plain Sight, Deadwater Fell, and Shetland.

Like the first two titles in this offer, Barnsley reports on facts seen at the time, as well as drawing on his own extensive experience to provide ongoing commentary on the true crimes he writes about, tracing the development of policing from the late-1800’s  to modern day contexts.

This is the perfect bundle for all true crime lovers who can look forward to adding three brilliant titles to their collection.