Recommendation: Brushes With War

Recommendation: Brushes With War

At Kelvingrove Art Galleries and Museum a fascinating and unique insight into the experiences during World War I is now available. Rather than showcasing masterpieces by well-known artists, the exhibition Brushes with War relies on the immediacy of artworks by soldiers who experienced the battles of WWI firsthand. As the Councillor David McDonald, the Chair of Glasgow Life and Depute Leader of Glasgow City Council, elaborated: ‘The concept of gathering art created specifically by the troops of World War I, distinct from official publicity and work commissioned by war artists, presents a completely different offering from other museum exhibits.’ That way the visitor is able to see the impact of WWI on the people of that time and understand the deep emotions evoked by the war.

Staying on the topic of the exhibition, we at Ringwood suggest taking a look at Charles P. Sharkey’s Memoirs of Franz Schreiber.

Charles P. Sharkey understands to shine a soulful light on the history and circumstances surrounding WWI, telling the story of Franz Schreiber in his novel Memoirs of Franz Schreiber – Berlin Between The Wars, whose life changes completely when he learns that his father will not come back from the battlefield to him and his mum in Berlin. Following Franz through his life in the mid-war period means following the world in an era of violence, revolution and hope.

You can find Sharkey’s exhilarating novel here on our website under ‘Fiction’.

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