by Emma Joniken

Want to work in publishing? You’ve come to the right place! This industry is extremely competitive, and it can be really overwhelming to figure out how to enter it. Here’s a list of some great resources to get started with.

This Facebook group is one of the best possible places to learn about the industry. With a group full of people in the same position, you can ask questions, get tips, and find jobs and internships to apply for in the weekly roundup. Apart from that, the group is a very supportive environment and you’ll have so many people offering you comfort and cheering you on.

This is a fortnightly, free magazine aimed at people wanting to enter the industry. The Post includes everything from news, events, upcoming releases and job opportunities. If you’re not yet subscribed, you’re missing out.

You don’t need to already have a job in the industry to join the society, they welcome and are hugely helpful to those just starting out as well. The society holds events all over the UK, provides great networking opportunities, and helps you stay up to date with all the job opportunities.

The Bookseller is a jobs advertising board specifically for jobs in books and publishing, and it’s just where you need to look for your first, or next, position.

And that’s the list! I hope you got some ideas on what to do next and that you will find these resources helpful. Remember to check out our Interns page if you’re looking to gain experience during your search. Best of luck in the job hunt!