Ringwood’s first newsletter of 2023 is here!

While we’re just coming out of December and everyone is getting back to work, we still have a jam packed newsletter to share with you all.

In this edition we talked about some of our upcoming releases including The First of May by Brendan McLaughlin, The Bone on the Beach by Fiona Gillan Kerr and Bodysnatcher by Carol Margaret Davison.  To find out more about these titles read our January newsletter here!
All of these titles will also be available to pre-order on our website from the 1st of February, so keep an eye out on our Forthcoming Titles page.

This month, Ringwood author Flora Johnston attended an event at the Currie & District Local History Society to talk about her novel, What You Call Free. She spoke about filling in the gaps with historical fiction and her passion for uncovering and promoting the lives of ordinary women in history, of whom there is often so little written about. She closed the night with a Q&A and a chance to buy a signed copy of her novel!
We also have a review of Séan Damer’s Those Tyrannising Landlords that was recently featured in The Irish Times and written by Irish journalist, John Quin.

There are more updates on an important campaign detailed in The Lanarkshire Police Chronicles by George Barnsley. The campaign is finally beginning to reach its apex as the debate to institute a new posthumous bravery award for the emergency services was finally presented to parliament.

Last but not least, we have a new segment of Get to Know Our Interns, featuring Hayley Bannon, our audiobook champion. Who answered a few questions about her passion for all things publishing and books, her role in Ringwood and the changes she hopes to make in the Scottish Publishing Industry!

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Happy Belated New Year! We hope to see you again for next month’s newsletter.

By Jade McKeogh.