Susan Campbell is the author of Ronnie: A Dog Owner’s Guide to Fulfilment. She lives in Glasgow with her husband Colin and dog Ronnie. She felt compelled to write about Ronnie after rescuing him from the Dog’s Trust. At that time she has also taken the brave decision to become self-employed, leaving a secure job with a charity to set up her own coaching and counselling business. 

Writing the book came easily to her because of her immense love for Ronnie and it explores the enormous joy Ronnie brought to herself and Colin as he became deeply embedded into their family. It also highlights the highs and lows of self-employment and delves into alternative family units and life choices. Colin quickly followed in Susan’s steps as he set up his own dog walking business, with Ronnie as Director of Sales. 

Both Susan and Colin continue to work for themselves with Susan offering coaching and counselling to individuals and groups and Colin keeps walking the dogs. Ronnie is now entering his twilight years, but is as excitable and curious about life as ever, if a little more sleepy. 

In her spare time, Susan loves nothing more than getting out in nature and finding new places to walk. She also enjoys nice wine and chewing the fat with friends and family.

You can follow Susan on Instagram @ronnieronster.