Ringwood Books

Candidates should have a definite commitment to pursuing a career in publishing, and a recognition of the importance of an Internship with Ringwood as an opportunity to gain levels of meaningful experience across the whole range of publishing tasks that will considerably enhance their employment prospects in what is an extremely competitive industry.

The range of tasks involved covers

  • Critical analysis and assessment of submitted manuscripts
  • Involvement in the editing of approved manuscripts
  • Proof-reading of Post –Edit manuscripts
  • Copyediting and formatting of both paperback and ebooks
  • Being allocated as a Support Worker to one or more Ringwood authors to assist in the promotion and marketing of their books
  • Planning the launch of new Ringwood titles
  • Promoting and marketing new and existing Ringwood books through events and extensive use of social  media 

Given the extent and  intensity of these real responsibilities,  Intern applicants need to be prepared to commit to the following

A minimum of 6 hours a week for undergraduates.

A minimum of 8 hours a week for post graduates and others.

Most Interns commit to a flexible 10-15 hours a week, some are able to offer more.

Also given the medium term nature of many of these roles, Ringwood also requires a minimum commitment of 5 months, with most Interns signing up for 6-9 months

Interns are not office based and work their hours flexibly over 24 hours, 7 days a week in the pattern and location that suits them best.

If you are seriously considering an application and are prepared to make at least the minimal levels of commitment, then go to the Interns Page of the About Us section of the Ringwood website for a more detailed explanation of our policy on Interns. (click HERE)

Then, if still interested, email us a CV and Covering Letter to mail@ringwoodpublishing.com  with Subject as  Intern Application. All applications will be acknowledged quickly, then fully responded to within a few weeks. Previous applicants who applied when applications were not open, can reapply if they meet the criteria and can offer the required commitments. 

There is no closing date but we want some Interns available to start from as soon as possible.

So once you decide to apply, submit your application sooner rather than later.