Ringwood’s Gerry Graham hits the US!

Ringwood's Gerry Graham hits the US!

Hello all!

This week we have some very exciting news for you. Our friend’s across the pond just got the opportunity to enrich their library with our very own, Gerry Graham’s work. He has bought the rights to print and distribute his novel, ‘Checking Out of the Hotel Euthanasia’, and was very recently spotted in the one and only Barnes and Noble. We know, it’s crazy exciting right?! We couldn’t see this and not get a little shelfie, right next to Poldark too!:

More infomation on his upcoming Meet the author events will be coming your way very soon. Ringwood is incredibly proud of this author and his work. Our little birdies tell us that Gerry signed a few copies also, so if you’re reading this in the states get yourself along. Let us know if you manage to get a copy, especially a signed one!

Happy reading!

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