The Ringwood Short Story Competition 2022-23

Ringwood Publishing is delighted to announce the extended deadline for the 2022-23  Ringwood Short Story Competition. 

As a country built and thriving on literature, Scotland is home to many incredible writers who go unacknowledged every year. Ringwood wants to bring some of those underrepresented voices to light. Writers residing in or originally from Scotland are encouraged to send their best work to our panel of judges.

We welcome submissions from all walks of life, including but not limited to writers who identify as women, men, transgender, non-binary, gender-fluid, LGBTQ+, BAME, neurodivergent, and any and all others who are contributing to the rich tapestry of our literary history. Your voices matter.

The 2022-23 Competition was launched on 30th June 2022, with an initial closing date of 2nd December 2022. This has now been extended until 1st May 2023.

The full rules and criteria are outlined below. There is a £2 entry fee, and the winning writer will receive a prize of £100 and publication on our website; up to two runners-up will also receive acknowledgement and publication on the website.

We are only accepting contest submissions electronically. Any writer is welcome to submit up to five stories, each as a separate submission with its own £2 entry fee. You will receive a confirmation email once your submission and payment have been received.

Full Terms and Conditions

Ringwood wants to celebrate up-and-coming writers with a Scottish connection, so the competition will be open to all writers based in Scotland,  or who identify as Scottish. 

Ringwood particularly welcomes and encourages submissions from underrepresented communities, including but not limited to people from BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and people of colour), LGBTQ+ and/or disabled communities, women, and non-binary people. Ringwood seeks to encourage diverse voices and shift the gaze of the literary scene from decades of the ‘norm’ to become more inclusive. The participation of ‘new Scots’ from diverse backgrounds can enrich the diversity of mainstream Scottish literature. 

The age limit requires that entrants must be at least 16 years of age at the date of submission.

Entries must be short stories with a maximum word limit of 3000, and the final deadline is Monday, 1st May 2023. 

Entry is £2 per story.  The payment is to be made via the Pay for Submission button at the bottom of the Rules and Terms page of the website.

The winner of the first prize of £100 will be announced in late May 2023, with the winning entry, and at least two others, being published on the website at the same time as the announcement of the results, along with an interview with the winner.

After making the payment, please email the entries to

Please include a cover letter containing your contact details, any previous publications and your residence in Scotland (if applicable) or your Scottish connection. This letter should be on the first page of your entry.

Entries should be sent as a double-spaced Word document. Please include page numbers, use an easy-to-read font (Arial or Times New Roman), and have the subject of your email read ‘Short Story Submission.’ All entries will be passed to the Judges anonymously.

Once payment has been made, and your entry is sent to, you will receive a confirmation email notifying you that your story has been received. 

There is a limit of 5 different entries by any one writer, and each separate story must be accompanied by a £2 entry fee (payable by credit or debit card or Paypal via the Pay Submission Fee button below).   

Entrants can have had other work published; short stories, poetry, novels or similar. However, entries for this competition are restricted to short stories that have not been previously published. Simultaneous submissions to other competitions are accepted and encouraged, though please let us know if your piece is subsequently accepted for publication elsewhere, since it will then be ineligible for this competition. And if that happens, many congratulations!

The judges’ decision is final, and any entries received after the deadline of 1st May 2023 will not be considered.

No postal entries shall be considered.

We will not be able to offer feedback on individual entries.

Previous winners

It is recommended entrants check out the 2020 and 2021 winners to get a sense of the standards required to compete. 

The winner of our first-ever short story competition in 2020 was Mónica Ferreira. You can read her story, ‘The Shoes’, and learn more about her here.

The  2021 winner was Emily Miller. You can read her excellent story, ‘A Study of Perambulation’, here. You can also read an interview with Emily here.

Be inspired rather than intimidated by these two excellent stories, and please believe that you can match or exceed those standards. 


Additional prizes

1. The A.S Prize for best entry received by the original closing date of 2nd December 2022

All those stories already submitted will continue to be considered for the main Prize but, in addition, will also be eligible for a new prize, the A.S. Prize, for the best entry received by the original closing date.

Writers who have almost completed their stories with a view to entering by the original closing date of 2nd December 2022 should continue to submit their stories by that date and will qualify for the new prize as well as the main Prize.

2. The AT Price for the best entry received between the original closing date and the new one.

All entries received after the 2nd December 2022 and by the 1st May 2023 will be considered both for the main Prize and for an additional price, the AT Price for the best entry received between the original closing date and the new one.

Since the overall winner will not be eligible for either of the two new prizes, this ensures that there will be three winners from all entries.

In addition, there will be two other prizes for all entries, whatever the date submitted.

3. The Leela Soma Prize

This new prize will be awarded to the best entry from any of the BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Colour) communities in Scotland. This prize is named after Ringwood author Leela Soma who was the principal force behind the creation of the Kayva Award in 2022 for BIPOC writers.

4. The Grant Muir Prize

This new prize is named after our late Ringwood Accountant, Grant Muir, who died tragically early recently while working on the Ringwood accounts.

This new prize will be restricted to entries from existing or previous Ringwood Interns,  staff or authors.

For reasons of perceived fairness, these entries will not be eligible for the main Prize.  

Entrants for these last two prizes should indicate their circumstances of eligibility in their cover letter.

 Existing entrants who qualify for either of these new prizes should email a short notice of the qualification criteria to