Ringwood Publishing are always looking for interesting new book submissions and our website will give an idea of the type of books we seek to publish.

Authors must be Scottish or resident in Scotland and the themes of any book submitted, fiction or non-fiction,  must be Scottish themes, with relevance to contemporary Scotland, particularly those highlighted in the website.

Ringwood does not publish:

Children’s Books, Young Adult fiction, Short Story collections, Poetry, Art books, Photography, or Comic or Graphic novels. So please do not submit any book in those categories.

Please note, Ringwood also does not accept novellas, or any works under 50,000 words.

Please do NOT submit sample chapters, we require a full draft.

Please submit your document in Times New Roman or Calibri font, size 12 with double-spaced lines. If these guidelines are not followed, your submissions may be sent back or discarded.

Please submit the full draft electronically as a Word document, plus:

  • a covering letter which includes your contact details– full name, address, phone, email.
  • a brief synopsis and/or chapter outline.

Please ensure all Word documents are labelled accordingly with the contents and your manuscript’s name, e.g. Cover Letter Book Title, Synopsis Book Title, Manuscript Book Title.

All submissions will be acknowledged upon receipt but please understand that due to the volume of submissions we receive, we cannot promise a detailed feedback on your work unless we think it may be suitable for our list.

Please email submissions to submissions@ringwoodpublishing.com