Suicide Clinic Set To Open in Britain!

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Back again with some interesting news this week. No matter your opinion on assisted suicide, everyone should have the option to make the choice regarding their own life. This has been a topic growing more and more popular over the years, and causing much debate. A huge percent of the public have been pushing for the British Isles to legalise assisted suicide, to avoid those looking to end their lives having to travel to places like Switzerland, where the practice is legal. At Ringwood we have been lucky enough to explore the debate, and opinions through one of our author’s Gerry Graham’s work, ‘Checking Out of the Hotel Euthanasia’.

The most recent development is that Guernsey may possibly become the first place to have it’s own clinic specialising in assisted suicide. After politicans take this historical vote, their would be an 18-month consultation to allow them to draw up the law change.

Guernsey’s top minister Gavin St Pier said: “This is about giving people choice and a sense that they have some control themselves, rather than being frightened, out of control and in the hands of others. That for me is why it is such an important issue.”

We can’t wait to see how this historical movement develops, and hope that this opportunity widens the discussion surrounding this issue.

If you would like to get your hands on Graham’s novel which gives us a great view into assisted suicide, you can purchase it on the shop section of our website!

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