Thank you to everyone who attend the Moot launch on Sunday the 26th May, in Crieff! Our event was a great success, and we loved hosting the launch with Rob in Crieff where his Bob Kelty series is set.

Rob tells a captivated audience about his writing process and inspirations.
Intern Andrew MacKenzie (left) asks Rob (centre) about what the future has in store for his series protagonist, Bob Kelty.

We sold plenty of books, where attendees also took the opportunity to queue up, and get their copies of Moot signed by Rob.

Attendees eagerly queue to meet Rob, and get their copies of Moot signed.

During the launch, Rob gave us not just one, but two readings from his new book, and answered audience questions about Moot and the two previous books in the Bob Kelty series, Cuddies Strip and Barossa Street. Ringwood would also like to thank fellow writer and academic, Dr Ian Spring, for joining us on the day and chairing the Q&A session, discussing with Rob their reasons for writing historical fiction, as well as prompting a lively discussion about the use of the Scots language in literature. 

Rob (centre) and Dr Ian Spring (right) answers prompts from Ringwood intern Andrew (left), and discuss their reasons for writing historical fiction, and the importance of using the Scots language in literature.
Rob (centre) gives two readings from his latest release, Moot.

Thanks also to Strathearn Arts in Crieff for providing the perfect launch venue for Moot, and to our wonderful team at Ringwood who put on yet another fantastic launch! We’ll see you all at the next one – the launch of The World’s End Murders: The Inside Story by Tom Wood in Hillhead Library, Glasgow at 2pm!

If you couldn’t make it to Crieff last week – don’t worry! You can watch the full event video on Facebook here! You can still grab your paperback copy of Moot for £12.99 (plus P&P) here, or as a Kindle eBook for £5.99 here.