Anne Pettigrew’s third book, The Carnelian Tree, was launched on Thursday 20 October, at the House for an Art Lover. The event was a great success, with an amazing turnout that included family, friends, and crime fiction enthusiasts.

A wonderful turnout of book lovers at the gorgeous venue, The House for an Art Lover.

The night was kick-started by Simon McLean, who introduced Ringwood, the event, and thanked the House for an Art Lover for graciously hosting us. A lovely framed book cover, designed by Skye Galloway, was presented to the representative of the House for an Art Lover as a token of appreciation.

A stunning cover designed by Skye Galloway.

The event saw selected readings of the book by Grace McKelvie, a dear friend of the author’s. Judith Ralston, the special guest for the evening, led the Question and Answer session in conversation with Anne, where she shared fascinating facts about the book, her writing process, and gripping anecdotes. An interesting Q&A session followed it. The attendees bought copies of the book and had them signed by Anne. The proceeds from the raffle tickets, alongside Anne’s royalties, go to the Plan UK charity.

Ringwood Interns, current and past, relax after their major contributions to the launch of The Carnelian Tree.

It was a lovely Autumn evening, complete with wine, laughs, and a cosy murder mystery to dig into when you get home. Get your copy of Anne Pettigrew’s The Carnelian Tree here!