Ringwood Newsletter March 2024

March not only marks the approaching of spring, but also the beginning of a flurry of exciting projects here at Ringwood!

We are excited to announce that two of our new books – Revenge of the Tyrants and Song of the Stag – are officially available for pre-order! Both presenting a beautiful reimagination of the historical struggle for Scottish Independence, Revenge weaves an intricate tale engaging forces of international politics, while Song is a love letter to the folkloric legacy of Scottish history in the form of a fantasy. You can find both in the forthcoming titles page of our website here.

This March has been a celebratory month – Ringwood showed love to the amazing women around us in our joined celebration of International Women’s Day and UK Mother’s Day by inviting everyone to read with us some well-loved, female-centered books. We also paid homage to Glasgow’s rich, dense history with the successful launch event for Glasgow’s Burning, the crystallization of Vince McGlennan’s 13 years of wisdom and witness.

As part of Ringwood’s tradition, we had a lovely chat with one of our interns Eve Clark, who shared with us her experience at Ringwood as well as her insight into Scottish Publishing in general. We also had a fruitful conversation with Executive Director Sandy Jamieson, who provided us with a thorough review of Ringwood’s 2023 Bestselling books and his prospects for the new year ahead.

Interested in more details on the new books, Sandy’s reviews, and an intriguing article on Scotland’s growing fascination with true crime by our intern Rebecca McGuire? Check out the full-length newsletter here!