On Monday night, 1 May, over 100 people gathered in the Clutha Vaults in Glasgow to celebrate the official launch of Brendan McLaughlin’s book, The First of May. The evening was a complete success, with many of Brendan’s family and friends gathered, great conversation, and some great live music.

The evening kicked off around 6:30, when friends and family began gathering in the pub. Ringwood had a table set up to sell copies of the book, which it successfully sold all copies of by the end of the evening. A screen on stage showed videos of Brendan performing, both solo and as part of the Kingston Bridge Trio he was a part of, and photo slideshows.

At 7:30, the launch got underway with Ringwood host, Shannon Genereau, introducing herself and the programme for the night. This was followed by a short speech from Chief Editor of the book, Sandy Jamieson. Then, there were four readings from the book: Neil McDonald, an editor of the book, did a reading on Brendan the Glaswegian, Sandy Jamieson did a reading on the quintessential essence of the book, Allan McPherson, a good friend of Brendan’s, did a reading on Brendan the fighter, and Natasha Cunningham, a former Ringwood intern, did a reading on a more personal aspect of the book. Each reading was followed by a song performed by Brendan which pertained to the reading.

Following the readings, the title song on the CD that accompanies, the book, ‘The First of May’, was played, and then Shannon wrapped things up with some closing remarks.

Brendan’s late wife, Joni, then stepped onto the stage with the rest of Brendan’s immediate family, Siobhan, Kevin, and Katie, for some closing statements and thanks to everyone at the launch. Live music followed.

From start to finish, the event was a complete success. Ringwood Publishing will be printing more copies of the book, so if you haven’t had a chance to get your copy of the book and accompanying free CD, click the link HERE to get yours now.