From the author of best seller, Ruxton: The First Modern Murder, comes another deep dive into one of the most notorious cases in Scottish criminal history. In The World’s End Murders: The Inside Story, Tom Wood offers the detailed analysis that only one of the original investigators could give, revealing how detectives and scientists struggled to deliver justice for over nearly four decades.

This book tells the true story of the heartbreaking fates of Helen Scott and Christine Eadie on the night of October 1977, the history of events leading up to the tragedy, the unyielding efforts of law enforcement, the progression of forensic science and changes in the law, all which finally brought the perpetrator to trial, not once, but twice, to finally see due process for his crimes. 

This is a story of heroes: the families of the two girls, the police officers, the support staff and scientists who never gave up. This is the inside story of the World’s End murders.

Mark your calendars for The World’s End Murders: The Inside Story release on June 23rd at 2pm at Hillhead Library in Glasgow!

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