by Fatma Oulha

Writing is an act that we practise fervidly in our quotidian lives. Some noting their tasks or journaling their life paths, others building up a world of fiction with it. Authors around the world were able to wow readers many times, yet the most known of them admitted to write for their own joy and journey, not expecting their manuscripts to find a widely held place in the world of writers and publishers.

Writing is like an exploration trip, where you start with a few whats and what ifs, hows and whys here and there, till you conjure up a whole story with floating characters and events. Beatrix Potter once said, ‘There is something delicious about writing the first words of a story, you never quite
know where they’ll take you.’ It is almost tonic-like, as you undertake a process of refining scrambled thoughts, spurring climatic plots and leading characters to a final resolution.

There is something delicious about writing the first words of a story, you never quite know where they’ll take you.

Beatrix Potter

November is the national writing month; creative souls around the globe participate each year in the NaNoWriMo as it holds such a motivating concept to write up initial drafts for the whole period of thirty days. For those who want to be a part of it but need a little encouragement to write up something, express an idea or a feeling and share their fictional world, here are a few recommendations to get you started:

On Writing: A Memoir of the Craft by Stephen King

A book that entails with raw honesty the biography of Stephen King, one of the greatest best-selling writers in the world, in a moments here and there form, as he describes his starting point and the difficulties he was faced with. He devoted the last section of the book to presenting invoices about the workings of good writing tacking points like grammar, voice and storytelling.

Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear by Elizabeth Gilbert

The author wrote about creativity and her love and perseverance to write because it is simply what she is passionate about. A book that inspires non-perfectionism, familiar productivity and the search for innovation in words and life. It presents amazing living examples that defied fears any writer could face and how one should see beyond what is a requisite sometimes, and follow what brings out individual creativity, critical thinking, or simply a personal joy. The book is a philosophical approach to bringing out your inner novelty.

The Editor’s Companion by Steve Dunham

As wondrous a story can be, the writing is best suited with polished editing. This book serves as a good guide to understand the ins and outs and editing supported with personal examples from the writer, and the best tips about proofreading and copyediting. The author displayed insightful knowledge with a bit of entertaining cases in point.

Buckle up with your writing gear and embark on your trip for thoughts on paper.