Whisky From Small Glasses by DA Meyrick is a stunningly impressive first novel which has generated a great deal of interest and excitement.
The book starts with one body found in the sea. Two more bodies are quickly added as it becomes clear a serial killer is at large. Further ramifications include police and harbour staff corruption and the involvement of a Latvian drugs smuggling ring.

The book introduces Detective Chief Inspector Jim Daley who is destined to join the ranks of outstanding Scottish fictional detectives. Daley’s complex relationships, with his bosses; his colleagues; and his unfaithful but passionately loved wife, drive the story of Whisky From Small Glasses forward to a dramatic and almost unbearable conclusion.

It is a marvellous book that will thrill and engage all its readers. It belongs to that category of the best crime fiction which uses the format to say important things about life in contemporary Scotland. Whisky From Small Glasses is a book that is likely to endure, and will be the first in a series of crime novels set in rural South West Scotland that will transcend their genre and will comment on how such rural communities are coming to terms with 21st Century life and all its complexities.

In the words of an initial review:

Whisky From Small Glasses is well named. It can be savoured and enjoyed just like a fine measure of the hard stuff. It engages and rewards as it thrills and delights. Like all the best crime fiction it transcends its genre as it enlightens the reader about the realities of a community that at first sight is stuck in a mid20th century time warp but underneath the veneer of stability is struggling to cope with the influx of modern values and modern, and not so modern, vices. The relationships around the chief character DCI Jim Daley are wonderfully drawn and are used to drive the story line forward relentlessly to a powerful conclusion, that leaves the reader anxious to follow the main character in his next adventure”.small Scottish rural town thinly disguised as Kinloch, it reveals the seething cauldron of sex, drugs, violence, corruption and murder that lies beneath the dour surface of Kinloch life.


Owing to a breakdown in working relationships with the author,  this book was temporarily Out of Print, both in paperback and e-book forms.

This book was first published by Ringwood Publishing long before the recent conversion to PLC status. Due to the problems with the author, the rights to Whisky From Small Glasses were not reassigned to Ringwood Publishing  Limited.

Ringwood Publishing remains proud of its role in bringing this excellent book into print. The good news for fans of Jim Daley is that following the resolution of the dispute between Ringwood and the author, from 12th February 2015 Whisky From Small Glasses is again available as both a paperback and an e-book, published now by Polygon Press

Title: Whisky From Small Glasses
Author: D A Meyrick
ISBN: 978-1-901514-08-7
Format: Paperback