On the 30th September Ringwood Publishing joined for an evening with Rob McInroy to celebrate the virtual launch of his brilliant debut novel, Cuddies Strip.

Cuddies Strip is based on a true crime that occurred outside Perth in the 1930s. It faithfully follows the investigation and subsequent trial but it also examines the mores of the times and the insensitive treatment of women in a male-dominated society.

It is a novel about love and friendship and the need to break free from the ghosts of the past. Order your copy here.

The event will included a number of exclusive readings from the book by the author and a live Q&A session with the audience, led by special guest, editor, and fellow author, Cathi Unsworth.

Cuddies Strip is a wonderful novel. I read it with a tear in my eye. I could hardly bear to read the ending but it was beautiful.”

– Cathi Unsworth, author, editor, and journalist