Join us on November 11th to celebrate the launch of John Keeman’s fantastic new memoir, In the Shadow of the Crane. John’s powerful telling of growing up beneath the shadow of the Finneston Crane will transport you to a Glasgow now little remembered. With speical guest speakers and excerpts from the book, the event will explore the trials, tribulations and fond memories of a true Glaswegian.  Grab your FREE ticket now!

The life of John Keeman unfolds in the shadow of the Finnieston crane. From growing up in a Glasgow little remembered, through a diverse slew of careers, and into some of his most personal moments – both joyful and painful. With a voice equal parts wry and candid, John tells his anecdotally-rich story; indeed, not everyone, for instance, can say that they’ve literally sent Eartha Kitt flying.

John’s book is a powerful argument in the defence of collective support and strength, and a railing against the recent dismantling of almost all elements that provided that collective support to the poorest and most vulnerable members of our society.