We joined author Anne Pettigrew for an evening of lively discussion, exclusive readings, and live questions from the audience lead by TV presenter and Weathergirl Judith Ralston.

In Pettigrew’s first novel, Not the Life Imagined, Beth Semple was a young medical student in 1960s Glasgow, navigating the complexities of her studies, perilous relationships, and a brutally sexist world that constantly doubted her value. When one of her friends committed suicide, leaving behind an enigmatic note, Beth knew she couldn’t rest until she had exposed who was truly responsible for her death.

In Not The Deaths Imagined, Beth is now a seasoned GP with a beloved family when she is once more sucked into a world of secrets, exploitation, and murder. Bodies are cropping up around the quiet suburb of Milngavie at an alarming rate. Though authorities insist nothing is amiss, Beth can’t shake the feeling that the charming Dr. Goodman can’t be trusted. With this new quest for justice, Beth is putting everything at risk – her reputation, her family, her life – and she may just lose it all.

A story of deaths and deceit and dodgy doctors… the book gallops along to a rousing and frightening climax.

Rob McInroy, author.