This national digital event on The Future of the Scottish Police Service will be a debate featuring three Ringwood authors, all with their own relevant experience and whose books have themes of crime and punishment.

Tom Wood, a former Deputy Chief Constable in Lothian, is author of Ruxton: The First Modern Murder, which focuses on Scotland’s particular use of the expertise of its Universities’ world-renowned Forensic Science Departments in paving the way in which crimes are solved.

Cuddies Strip by Rob McInroy, a previously unpublished author from Perthshire, reimagines a famous Perth murder and demonstrates its contemporary resonances including police bias and bigotry, and the discriminatory, misogynistic treatment of women by the Court,.

The Ten Percent by Simon McLean, a retired detective-turned-author from Glasgow, is a frank and thought-provoking look at the police service in an ever-changing Scotland: from his time as a Constable in Highlands and Islands of Argyll; through his spell as a Detective Sergeant in Rothesay; to the culmination of his career in the Serious Crime Squad. Simon is outspoken in his support of drug legalisation and increased aid for addicts, and mental health support for frontline workers.

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