Who isn’t happy with a good review? We’re certainly chuffed with the recent reviews for Bodysnatcher. Jo Chapman from the Old Edinburgh Society described it as “a thrilling read”, saying that “Carol Margaret Davison brilliantly blends historical facts and creative fiction, creating a captivating story”.

You can read Jo’s full review here.

Bodysnatcher was also reviewed by Edinburgh based blogger Angelica Petherick, who said the book “has a little bit of everything” and “in this tale full of cruel and murderous men, the resilience of women stands out.”

You can read Angelica’s full review here.

If you’re doing Barbenheimer this month, then also consider Bodysnatcher. Here you can find a strong female perspective in a well-known tale that usually focuses on the men. There are always voices unheard and worth exploring, and we can’t recommend this one enough. Click here to get your copy.