Are you a member of a book club/reading group? Do you love good books? Then keep reading…

Ringwood Publishing are keen to offer Book Clubs in Scotland, the rest of the UK, and indeed the whole world, two special offers every time they feature a book by a Ringwood author at their Book Club.

The first offer is that the author of your chosen book will be guaranteed to attend the Book Club meeting, digitally during these times, to discuss their book and answer any questions.

If your club would like to take advantage of this fantastic opportunity, please email Ringwood at and mention the book/author you wish to feature. A staff member will liaise with your Book Club and the author to ensure a date is chosen that ensures the presence of the author at the meeting.

The second offer is a 20% discount for all Book Club members wishing to buy physical copies of a Ringwood book. Book Club’s who would like to claim this offer should send an email to Isobel Freeman, our Chief Admin Officer, at, telling her how many copies of the book they want to order. Please indicate whether you’d prefer to pay electronically into the Ringwood Bank account or, alternatively, pay over the phone by credit/debit card. If the latter, please include a suitable contact number in the email, and we will arrange a call with you.

Once payment is received the books will be posted immediately. All copies of the book will be signed by the author!

Book clubs and groups are increasingly important sources of literary discussion but also of friendship and community. We at Ringwood hope that these offers will be exciting and helpful to clubs like these and look forward to hearing from you soon!

More details can be found here.