We are excited to announce that another Ringwood title – Glasgow’s Burning by Vince McGlennan – is now available for pre-publication order!

Glasgow’s Burning is the riveting account of every fire that has happened in the city from the 19th century to today – but it is also a testimony of Glaswegian resilience, of the many people that have fought for this city and the many lives that make it one of a kind.

The author delivers a masterful but straightforward exploration of the city’s catalogue of blazes, which have changed the city’s DNA and made its people uniquely gifted in their ability to endure hardships and come up smiling.

Full of surprising facts delivered in short and simple paragraphs, Glasgow’s Burning will make an intriguing companion for anyone interested in the city’s history and those curious souls who want to learn more!

You can now pre-order Glasgow’s Burning through our website for £22 + £2.80 P&P by clicking HERE.

The Launch will be in McNeill’s Bar on the southside in February at a date and time to be confirmed soon. Keep an eye on the website for full details.