On Sunday 10th March, we launched Glasgow’s Burning with author Vince McGlennan at The Merchant Bar in Glasgow – and it was a success!

A captivated audience listens as Vince speaks more on his writing process for Glasgow’s Burning.
Here, Vince unboxes the first copies of Glasgow’s Burning a few days prior to the launch.

Our biggest thank you to everyone who came along and took part on another great Ringwood event, and who bought a copy of Glasgow’s Burning to be signed by Vince – we sold out of every copy we had at the launch!

Vince’s support intern, Júlia (standing) opens the launch.
Vince takes various questions from the audience about his relationship with Glasgow.

Thanks also to Vince, who gave some interesting insights into his writing process, and chose his favourite extracts from the book to read out to us.

Vince reading from one of his favourite extracts from Glasgow’s Burning.

Vince then went on to answer a series of audience questions, ranging from the subject of his book to the accessibility of primary and secondary sources.

Attendees then enjoyed some complimentary drinks with Vince as he signed their books.

Vince finishes the event by signing copies of his book for attendees, before sharing a drink with them.

If you couldn’t make it, don’t worry! You can still purchase the book for the reduced website price of £15 (plus P&P), an offer valid from now (12/03/2024) to 30th June 2024 11.59pm here!

Vince (second from right) stands with Ringwood staff after a successful q&a, before they all cheers to a successful launch.

Finally, thanks to our brilliant team at Ringwood who each played a key role in bringing this event together and making it a success!

You’ll also have another chance of meeting Vince and learning about Glasgow’s history at an event on April 21st with other local organisations. Watch this space for more information!

Thanks again to all those who joined us on Sunday! We’ll see you at the next one.