The next lucky winner of ‘The First of May’ Prize Draw is Rosemary Cheetham. As the second last winner to take home the exclusive CD before May 2023 comes to a close, Ringwood is thrilled to include her alongside the growing list of winners on our blog and social media.

When asked in a short interview by a Ringwood intern what her connection was to Brendan McLaughlin, she explained:

‘When I was a lot younger I actually went to school with Brendan’s sister. We were good friends. I live in England now, but I recently came up to Scotland for a funeral. While I was there I reached out to reconnect with her, and that was when she told me all about The First of May.

She continued:

‘Since then, I read up a bit about him. Having grown up in Glasgow, with all the challenges that brings, it’s easy to be invested in someone with a similar background, doubly so if they’re connected to someone you know. I’m also a big fan of Charles Sharkey, another Ringwood author, since I know his brother.’

This Ringwood Publishing prize draw will continue until the end of May.

Only one more draw will be made on the 28th of May, and will consist of all the people who ordered a copy of the book in the preceding seven days. If you ordered two copies, you will be entered in the draw twice, and so on up to maximum of ten entries for an order of ten books (we have received a few orders that size).

 A photograph of every subsequent winner will appear on the website, as will a brief interview with them about why they ordered the book.

The price of the book is now £12.99.

 Every order made now will still receive a free CD of The First of May with 15 songs written and performed by Brendan to be a soundtrack for the book. So don’t delay, order now by clicking HERE.