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Fiona Gillan Kerr’s pacey debut novel, The Bone on the Beach, draws on the ancient Celtic legend ‘Deirdre of the Sorrows’. Set in the mythical, otherworldly landscape of the Highlands, this contemporary re-imagining of the tale shows Deirdre as she has never been seen before.

‘I looked at the face in the water, and realised it wasn’t mine. The cheekbones were higher, the hair more luxuriant, the face more beautiful than mine. But it was the eyes which held my attention, focused, locked on mine.’

In 2002, in a tight-knit Highland community, a young woman named Deirdre mysteriously loses her life.

Fifteen years later, Meghan, a lawyer in a city law practice, arrives in the village seeking a fresh start. But when a bone suddenly washes up on the beach, she finds herself embroiled in a dark and twisted mystery stretching back to the turn of the new millennium.

Facing the residents’ overwhelming reluctance to talk about the past, Meghan wonders what took place in this village all those years ago. What are the terrible secrets they have buried? Who was Deirdre and what really happened to her?

And why does it feel like she’s being watched?

Piece by piece, Meghan uncovers this community’s storied history. Soon she discovers that all is not as it seems in this quiet rural village.


Born to Scottish parents, Fiona Gillan Kerr was educated in Ceylon (now Sri Lanka), at Berkhamsted School in Hertfordshire, and at Durham University. She has been a teacher & an investment analyst; sold magazine advertising & package holidays; worked in a large international airline in reservations, PR and commercial training and as a fund-raiser for several schools and a modern classical music foundation.

She divides her time between the United States, where her four sons live, and her Scottish home in the Highlands – a restored crofter’s cottage in a small village by the sea.

The Bone on the Beach is available to order from the Ringwood website for £9.99+ postage.

ISBN: 9781901514919