On Wednesday 5th April, Ringwood CEO Simon McLean, author Tom Wood, and interns Hayley Bannon and Shannon Genereau visited the Publishing Scotland offices in Edinburgh. The Ringwood team met with Vikki Reilly of Publishing Scotland, Iain McKinna of Offbeat Studios and narrator Steve Worsley — the people who funded, performed and produced Ringwood’s first up-coming audiobook, Tom Wood’s Ruxton: The First Modern Murder.

Shannon Genereau, Simon McLean, Tom Wood, Steve Worsley, Hayley Bannon, and Iain McKinna

In November 2022, Publishing Scotland announced that they would be offering the opportunity for five independent publishers in Scotland to have a fully-funded audiobook from a title of their choice. Ringwood put forth Tom Wood’s Ruxton: The First Modern Murder as their title due to its bestseller status for two years running and the knowledge that true crime is one of the top most-listened to audiobook genres.

Over the Christmas period and into the new year, a team of interns worked hard to put together the required marketing plan for the funding, and in February found out they were successful in obtaining one of the five grants given to produce Ruxton as an audiobook. 

Publishing Scotland’s Vikki Reilly and a team of external judges chose Ruxton among other hopefuls. When asked why she chose Ruxton, and as a result, Ringwood, she said: ‘First of all the genre true crime always does really well and secondly, you put together a really great supporting document.’

Offbeat Studios liaised with Ringwood throughout the audiobook process and were provided with a list of recommended narrators suitable for the project. The team decided on voice actor Steve Worsley as the closest match for the Ruxton narrator. Steve is best-known for his narration of the Stuart McBride books. The Publishing Scotland trip allowed author Tom Wood and the team to meet the man behind the voice.

Tom Wood, Vikki Reilly, Steve Worsley, and Iain McKinna

Ringwood also met producer Iain McKinna, who kept Audiobook Manager Hayley and the team posted with any issues, updates or edits associated with the audiobook. Not only did Offbeat produce all of the grant winner’s audiobooks, but they have also worked with Mad Men’s (Joan Holloway) Christina Hendrix and Alia Shawcat from Arrested Development.

The afternoon was rounded off with tea and biscuits and a discussion about the Scottish publishing industry.

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