Thank you so much to everyone who attended our writing seminar on Sunday!  We loved seeing you there, and we hope you got some great inspiration from it! 

Maureen Cullen, Ringwood’s 2022 short story competition winner, sharing her writing advice.

Thanks also to all of our guest authors – Rob McInroy, Maureen Cullen, Rebecca Brown and Kirsten MacQuarrie – who came along to share their insights into successful creative writing.

Rob McInroy offering advice on how to write an engaging plot.
Our audience getting stuck into the writing exercises in the second half of our seminar.

And thanks to Thomas Malloch, our 2023 short story competition winner for joining us to share more about his winning story, A Sex Manual for the Over Sixties. 

Stephen sharing his experience writing Ringwood’s 2023 winning short story.

Finally, thanks to Hillhead Library for having us in their venue, and to the wonderful team at Ringwood who did everything to make this event happen.

Rebecca Brown discussing the processes behind her upcoming novel Song of the Stag.
Kirsten MacQuarrie sharing her inspirations and writing process behind her upcoming novel to be published this year.

We’ll see you all at the next one!