While the days grow shorter and colder, we at Ringwood have kept ourselves in a warm mood with a flurry of events and activities. Check out our November Newsletter for a full recap!

In collaboration with Book Week Scotland, Ringwood was excited to present two literary events—the Writing Historical Fiction panel at the Edinburgh-based independent bookshop Typewronger and the final launch of Fiona Gillan Kerr’s The Bone on the Beach at the Arlington Baths, Glasgow. Later in the month, we held our last event of the year—Celebrating Leela Soma, in lovely memory of the late Ringwood author and her literary heritage.

As part of Ringwood’s tradition, we have held lovely conversations with people on all things publishing and writing and more! In this month’s Ringwood Publishing Podcast, we chatted about fiction writing and the work on the social media side. We also had delightful chats with our intern Stewart Porter and the manager Isobel Freeman on their insights into the work at Ringwood and publishing in general.

With the festive season around the corner, Ringwood is beyond thrilled to announce our Christmas Special Offers—from true crime to historical fiction, from novels to geographical guides, there is always something for you and your loved ones as a perfect gift! Check out the full list in the newsletter or here.

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