We’re hosting two events at this family-friendly weekend in Glasgow. And they’re free! Come along and say hi.

The first is our Books Advice and Q&A Session at 3.30pm on Sunday 24th September at Hillhead Library. Our chief editor, Isobel Freeman will answer all questions on the writing and publishing process. Whether you’re just starting out or ready to submit to publishers, you can come along and hear her expert advice. You can get your tickets here.

The second is our True Crime Writing Event at the Ubiquitous Chip on Sunday 24th September at 4pm. This will feature three Ringwood Publishing true crime authors: George Barnsley, Tom Wood, and Allan Nicol, who all share backgrounds of working in the criminal justice system itself. This event will take place in the form of a panel, with short presentations, readings, and conversations about their respective works, as well as a Q&A opportunity about all things true crime and writing. You can get your tickets here.

Check out the full Byres Road Festival programme here.